Woohoo! Kudos to you for making it to our "About Us" page.

Congratulate yourself because very few make it to this page. Whether it's your boredom or your 'curiosity' that has got you here. We are super excited to give you a little insight of Behind the Scenes.

Our story of Commanding Lifestyle is not a single day thought or an unexpected start. It took some good time to come into act. It is the story of a regular employee working for an organization not satisfied by the rules and regulations of the Company; Not happy of the day to day lifestyle & the bounded 9-5 work culture. The problem begins there putting an affect always back of the mind to work for people around and commanding our lifestyle on such different aspects.

As the time progresses on its dancing pace, the revered memories along with the nostalgia of that period lives through the myriad image glittering in front of eyes. Ah! But life has to move forward to the wonderful times waiting ahead with a gleam of hope and happiness.

There begins the story of Commanding Lifestyle, which with time and surpassing every tide, has reached here. Commanding Lifestyle is the sum of the thoughts of the founder exchanged over a telephone call that lasted for merely about an hour or couple during the period of complete lockdown in the country due to the pandemic of Covid-19, with an entirely different aspect of Retail. But it was not expected though, the beginning of Commanding Lifestyle. It all started within his mind, the man, Amit behind every possible business decision for the betterment of Commanding Lifestyle; exchanged with Avisek, the Designer.

Hello there, I am Amit, a Physics graduate from The University of Calcutta.

You know, I loved physics more than anything but something happened in India about a decade ago, E-Commerce was born. Back then I was a teenager but it was confirmed that I am going to be a part of this world. After my basic education, I moved to Delhi, had worked with many organisations but the bug kept calling me from inside. Then I return back to Kolkata and met Avisek; and you know the rest.

Hello, this is Avisek, a Design graduate from The Aptech University.

I know what you are thinking, this bong is creative; but folks, not at all. I am only good at manipulating things, who knows what to apply where. Yeah, that's all. After listening to Amit's idea I fell in love with it very much that I became a part of Commanding Lifestyle instead of just making designs for it. Although it was not easy, we both had to go a lot of hustle and bustle but finally we reached here.

At Commanding Lifestyle, we stay connected to the splendor through the inspiration of our stories and through the choices we make in product development and packaging​.

Handmade with love

Carefully handcrafted by our artisans, with great attention to detail.

100% Natural

Made from all natural fibres, sourced directly from manufacturers.

Affordable Price

The finest quality, crafted with precision and passion, affordable at reasonable price.

Made in India

India's legacy of exceptional artistry merged with modern aesthetics, for a distinct identity.